Sunday, August 31, 2014

Poker In Practice: Critical Concepts is Completely Completed

Covering 7 critical concepts illustrated by 50 real-life example hands, our first offering in the Poker In Practice series is now 100% complete and available on for $29.99. This is the first completed book by Poker Is A Skill, but Dusty Schmidt and Paul Christopher Hoppe (that's me) have written together in the past, releasing Don't Listen To Phil Hellmuth in 2010. Where that book took an inventory of things not to do, Critical Concepts takes a more straightforward approach to teaching poker.

Focusing on the ideas you must master to beat today's tougher poker games, we illustrate each concept with a bevy of example hands, showing you exactly how to apply the concept in practice. The vast majority of these hands were pulled from Dusty's exploits as a legendary online grinder. A couple of the hands were taken from my not-so-legendary exploits as an online grinder. One hand was completely fabricated.

Putting this book together has been a long 8 month road with more than a few detours. We began the process on Leanpub, which allowed us to publish immediately as we worked our way through the book. We made changes based on reader feedback, making this final version a team effort. Poker In Practice: Critical Concepts will continue to be available on Leanpub, but we'll be spreading it through other channels shortly. Keep an eye on for regular updates and keep on floppin' in the free world.

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